An Ecovillage since 2003

La Cite Ecologique of New Hampshire is located in Colebrook, part of the Great Northwoods region of New Hampshire, about 47 miles (75 km) north of Mt. Washington.

Our ecovillage gives priority to education, the well-being of its members, sustainable development, and respect for all living things. We also believe strongly in serving our local rural community. Our dedication to working harmoniously with others while staying committed to our ideals has earned the respect of the residential population. More about Cite Ecologique of New Hampshire →

Community Activities

  • Education
  • Organic farming and preparing healthy meals
  • Worldwide distribution of meaningful gifts and New Age products
  • Distribution and installation of sustainable energy systems (e.g., solar and wind)
  • Service of health coach and sales of natural products
  • Sharing our life with fellow community members on a daily basis
  • Recycling business giving new life to resuable materials

Visit our sister community in Quebec: La Cite Ecologique of Ham-Nord (

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